As I start this topic, I realize how little I know about the USA Massage Therapy Industry. I did however find some great resources for my US friends to look up for these options.

Massage Therapy Education Hours

To become a Massage Therapist, you will need, in most cases, you will need anywhere from 500 hours to 3000 hours of Post Secondary Education.

In Canada, to become a Registered Massage Therapist, you will need to complete 2200-3300 hours from an Association approved College.

In the US, only 3 states have no requirements, however in order to belong to the American Massage Association, you will need to have a minimum of 500 hours. (If my research on this is wrong, could you PLEASE let me know, and I will correct it)!

Massage Associations

I have included the links for your convenience.



Massage Associations

Association Benefits

Why Belong to an Association?

Simply put, with the investment you’ve made into your Education, investing to belong to an Association, is the next, logical step. An Association gives you credibility. You are applying, and adhering to a set of standards. This gives clientele a confidence in you and your practice. (Even for those of you in areas with no education needed to practice, I encourage you to become Certified, and join an Association).

With these memberships there are other benefits as well.

  • Many offer Medical Benefit Packages
  • Ability to bill third party companies
  • MVA claims
  • Discounted banking (for some)
  • Continuing Education Options
  • And my personal favorite… the ability to get to know others in the industry, and form lasting friendships and contacts.

If you have any questions, or corrections, please leave me a comment!!

How long have you been a Massage Therapist? What Association(s) do you belong to?

Have an Awesome Day!!

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