Marketing is a bit easier today than it was 25 years ago! Cheaper too! But how does one go about it? What is marketing, how do you do it, and where do you spend the money to do it?

Marketing 101

Marketing your Massage Therapy Practice is first and foremost about becoming known. You need to start building a professional reputation.

You have your Incentive / Promotional Programs in place.

You’ve gone around, handed out your business cards, and have introduced yourself.

You are forming Professional Alliances.


Welcome to the Digital Age!

There was a time when we did Phonebook ads, and Local Newspaper ads. (Dinosaurs roamed the Earth)….

The Phonebook, at the time, was my best ever investment. At around $400 per year, we would get calls every day! Alas, the Phonebook has gone by way of the Pony Express and is all but dead.

Newspaper Ads were very expensive, around $350 per/ month, and rarely generated any business. Again, these are becoming a thing of the past though, so…

Marketing 2.0!!

Build a Website! This used to be an expensive process, but not anymore! You can build your own website, for a reasonable cost per year, and Poof, your listed! (And it’s cheaper than the Phonebook)!

GoDaddy is a great option. You can often get great deals, but with added costs. A good site can cost you upwards of $500 / year, by the time you’re done with all the add ons. Some you can choose NOT to take, but others you have to pay for. Like the SSL (Security Certificate).

I have since found something way, way better! And, in the end, Wealthy Affiliate is a much better deal! (Cheaper too). This is a GREAT place! As a FREE member, you have access to 2 of your own websites… for free! There are other bonuses as well, that I have put in a different post.

How to Target on Your Website

Location. It’s pretty obvious, you want to put an address in here. If you’re not comfortable with placing a full address, at least put it in a general location, like a Town or Urban area.

Phone Number. Again, obvious. If you have a dedicated landline or cellphone, you want it listed. I do recommend NOT listing your home number! Keep business, and personal as separate as possible.

Target Market

A ‘Target Market’ is best defined as people, or groups of people, with a similar interest, or challenge. It can be age, pain, condition, illness, or injury. (This is just the overview of a list. You can broaden it, and narrow it as you go).

Remember, clients, want to feel unique and understood. When they read about conditions you treat, modalities you use, and your space, they want the feeling that you are talking directly TO THEM!

Who is your Target Market?

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Who are you trying to connect with?
  2. What conditions (fibromyalgia, pain, sleep issues, injury, etc.) do you prefer working on?
  3. What modalities do you use?
  4. How do your modalities fit, and treat, said condition?

The Ideal Client

With Massage Therapy, you don’t have to focus on one client/condition for your market. You do want to narrow the client field, to increase business. So, how do you identify your Ideal Client?

Who are you trying to reach? Are you trying to reach:

  • MVA claims
  • Seniors
  • Palliative Care
  • Deep Tissue
  • Athletics
  • AND So On…..

Take each condition, and make a list of the benefits you can offer through the type of work you do.

You want to tell them what you do for each ‘Specialty Client /Target”. It doesn’t have to be lengthy, just informative. Give them a peek at why you like a modality, and how it treats certain conditions.

List your Modalities, and the benefits of them inrelation to their specific need.

  • Relaxation & Deep Tissue
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Myofascial Release
  • Craniosacral
  • Cupping
  • AND SO ON….

Every time you take a course, or add a Modality, list it on your site, and explain its benefits. Let people know why you took that course.

EX: I just completed ABC Taping!! I’m so excited about this!

I took this course because many of my clients have been experiencing (X issue(s)), and I wanted to be able to increase the benefits of their recovery with this awesome technique!

(Tell your clients about the course, the benefits… get them invested in your excitement)!

Overview Do A Self-Assessment.

Why are you in business?

What is your purpose and priorities in marketing?

What are your marketing goals?

What are your strategies for marketing?

Marketing Plan – Assignment

1. Overview (Purpose, Priorities, and Goals)

A. Your Personal statement of why you are a Massage Therapist

B. Results that you want to create with marketing

C. How will you accomplish these goals

2. Positioning – What is you niche market?

A. Differential Advantage (Your unique features modalities/specialties that benefits or characteristics which sets you apart from your competitors for a target market)

B. Image (How do you portray yourself? Your business)

3. Target Market Analysis

A. Demographics. (Age, location, specialties, etc.)

B. Client Profile

4. Marketing Assessment

A. Analyzation of Market. What works, what doesn’t.

B. Recommendations of changes, if needed

C. Impressions of competitors marketing (if needed)

5. Strategic Action Plan

A. Promotions

B. Advertising

C. Community Relations

D. Publicity

E. Timetables

F. Budget

Questions about Marketing Your Practice? What Marketing practices do you use? Let me know!!




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