Massage Swag

For Individual, Clinic, Mobile, Student, or Professional

The Tables, The Chairs
The Equipment

And The SWAG!!

What To Look for In a table

Static weight of 450+ Lbs

Foam Top should be 2″- 3″+ in thickness


These are some of my personal favorites. Why? They’ve been a part of the Industry for as long, or longer than I have! Reliable, Awesome Quality, and well made!!
Side Note: Static Weight is the weight of your client

These are my 3 TOP Choices to date.

Great for Mobile Massage!

A Good Massage Chair gives you the ability to do ‘Pop Up’ style!!
Do you want a longer than Average Career? One of my TOP suggestions is to buy a Hydraulic Table!!
The most significant benefit is that you can adjust your table height as you work, thus decreasing strain to your body!!
A Hydraulic Table is worth the Investment!
The SWAG Section…
I’m a Massage Product Junkie! I like to keep my clients comfort in mind, so I’m forever on the lookout for lotions, oils, sheets, and odds and ends that will aid in their relaxation and comfort!

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