Live Education!! Massage Academics will be offering LIVE Zoom Training on the Business of Wholistic Practices! A 7-week Intensive Course on the Business Practices of, but not inclusive to: Massage Therapy Reflexology Fitness Counseling Nutritionist All Wholistic Practices and Alternative Therapies! This course can be for the Individual Practioner, Employee, or an Owner(s) of Clinic. Students find your place in the Wholistic working world! Where do you want to work? How do you want to work? Do you want to rent a room? Work on commission? Be a paid employee? Clinic Owners/Spa/ Individual Practitioners: Do you want to grow your Practice? How to create or find a cohesive team? What about a Multi-Dimensional Practice? What’s the best way for you to run your Practice? Should you pay a commission? Rent rooms? Or have Paid Employees? What about Business Partnerships? This course on Business Mastery will help you answer these questions and others! I have become a Teaching Associate of Cherie Sohnen-Moe, the creator of Business Mastery! Business Mastery will give you the direction to create a fulfilling, thriving practice, and keep it successful!! Who am I? My name is Shaunna Leclair, and I am a Registered Massage Therapist in Alberta, Canada. Graduating the Massage Therapy Program from Grant MacEwan University in 1997, I am no stranger to Massage Therapy after having spent 25+ years as a Therapist, a business owner, and educator. I have recently retired from the physical portion of Massage Therapy in June of 2020. My first experience as a Therapist was reintroducing touch to abuse survivors at a Healing Center and proving to be a challenging and yet fulfilling start to my career. I then went onto work in a Massage Therapy Clinic in St. Albert, Alberta, on a commission basis for the next three years. Deciding to take my business closer to home, I began renting a room in a small Spa setting in Spruce Grove, Alberta. Within four years, my company had grown to the point where I decided to open up her Massage Therapy Clinic and Healing Spa. Massage Connection was born. A multidisciplinary clinic, offering massage therapy, Physiotherapy, reflexology, and other health modalities, client treatment options were vast. The client’s health and recovery was our primary focus. After selling the Spa, I decided to go back on her own, renting a room at a Chiropractic Office where I have been for the last 12 years. During this time, I also taught Massage Therapy in the subjects of: Anatomy Physiology Techniques / Clinic and Business of Massage Therapy. In my downtime, I hang out with my granddaughter, husband, and adult children to stay out of trouble. Thank You! Shaunna My Spam Policy I truly LOATHE SPAM!!! I appreciate your time, and I value it, and no one has time for spam. In that way of thinking, any communication that we have will be non-spammy! LOL

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