Custom Craftworks has been a big name in the industry for a very long time. So, for that reason alone, I’m going to start with them.

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The Elegance Basic

This a great table. It’s pretty standard, and a favorite for many. Just a nice simple table.

Standard of 28″ Wide and 73″ Long



Canadian Link

The MacKenzie Basic

I, personally prefer the design of this table. It sits on floor with more stability than the Elegance.

I’m also seeing wheels!! (Oh to have wheels)!

This table has my eye just for the stability factor.

Standard of 28″ Wide and 73″ Long, and no bells and whistles, but a VERY good table that will see you through years!

Canadian Link

Classic Majestic Basic

Way back in the day this was the table everyone wanted.

I like the fact that it has the stability needed, and a clean line. Easy to keep the base clean as there are less moving components at the base.

Standard 28″ Width and 73″ Long.

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