Whether a student of a Massage Therapy Program, or have Graduated from one, these books are must haves to keep in your library!! Great for Reference, and Charting!

I’m a huge fan of Trail Guide to The Body. These guys have nailed it!


Anatomy Simplified!!

Trail Guide makes learning Anatomy so easy!! (I wish this was the textbook that I had)! Diagrams and photos with proper anatomical terms done in a way everyone can grasp.





Trail Guide Flashcards

These come in handy for testing yourself, each other, or as a group. Easy to pack, and carry only the ones you need.

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US Links:










Trail Guide to Movement

How do muscles move? What joints are involved? What ligaments? How does it all tie together
TG to Movement will give you these answers, and more. If you can see how it works, you can then identify common injury areas, and from there, treatment for the best benefit for your client!

Canadian Link

US Link






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