Contracts put everything on the table. Expectations, finances, and terms of the responsibility of all parties involved. A Contractor Agreement for Massage Therapy can be fairly simple.

Massage Therapy Independent Contractor Agreement (Sample)

This agreement dated, ______________________, is by and between __________________

(clinic/organization), and _____________________________ (contractor/Therapist).

Status as Independent Contractor:

The Contractor is not an employee of _________________________. As such the following is agreed upon:

1. Contractor has the means, methods, and manner to carry out the services they provide. Services must be within the Contractor Scope of practice, and training.

2. Contractor will furnish ALL necessary supplies and materials in the performance of their work. (This includes oils, lotions, laundry soap, linens, music, and any other items they require to carry out their services), unless otherwise agreed upon.

3. Contractor will not solicit, or provide services, to clients other than at ____________________________________________ (address of Clinic), unless otherwise agreed on in advance for Special Needs Care. Ex: Palliative Care.

4. Contractor will maintain, at all times, Professional Liability Insurance, of not less than $1,000,00.00 _____________________ (Clinic) is not responsible for any Liability Claims against the Contractor.

5. Contractor will maintain Property Insurance, at all times, of not less than $3,000.00 ______________________ (Clinic) is not responsible for any Contractor Property Loss, for any event.

6. Contractor is responsible for maintaining license, and Certification Status at all times, including costs of such.

7. _______________________________ (Clinic) will provide a safe clean environment. And the following:

(Here is where you put what features the clinic offers. Reception, Laundry facilities, business cards, equipment….)

Room Rental Agreement:

1. The Contractor will pay $_______________ per month for room. Payable on the 1st of every month.

2. The Contractor will not change the construction, or paint the room.

3. The Contractor will collect payment, and choose forms of payment they are willing to accept. Including billing of 3rd

4. The Contractor is responsible for all taxes (Provincial/State/ Federal), and bookkeeping of finances. ___________________ (Clinic), is providing the work space only.

5. The Contractor is responsible for Workers Compensation, and Unemployment Insurance.

Term of the Agreement

Either party may terminate this agreement with ________ days’ notice, unless

1. Misconduct

2. Violation of any part of the agreement

3. Violation of Ethical Standards

4. Loss of License

5. Loss of Insurance

6. Non-payment of rent


______________________________ Contractor ______________________ Date

_______________________________ Clinic _______________________ Date

Commission Contractor:

1. The Contractor agrees to self-employment based on a _______% fee to the Contractor, and _______% to the _______________________ (Clinic). The Clinic will handle all the financial requirements, including debit, and Credit card charges.

2. The Clinic will pay the contractor every _____________ (week/2weeks)

3. _______________ Clinic will provide the following to the Contractor:

(List of provisions… reception/booking/ billing services/laundry/oils/lotions/etc.)

4. The Contractor is responsible for all Self-Employment Taxes. (Provincial/State/Federal).

5. The Contractor, or ____________________ Clinic will be responsible for Workers Compensation, and Unemployment Insurance.


______________________________ Contractor ______________________ Date

_______________________________ Clinic _______________________ Date

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