I’m a huge fan of Body Cushion System! Most are advertised under ‘Pregnancy’, but over the years, I have found mine to be useful for so many other things!!

When to Use a Body Cushion:

  1. Pregnancy
  2. Larger clients
  3. Client with larger cup sizes
  4. Low Back / Hip Pain

I have my favorite System, and it’s NOT cheap!! BUT…. I have had it for over 15 years, and it still looks, and feels brand new. The cover has held up, and the foam support as well. When I breakdown the price of this cushion, the investment was worth it. It allowed me to work on many clients with ease (for myself), and gave the client a comfortable position in times when they needed it most.

My Top Pick

On The Go Full Pro MAXX Package. This is the System that I use. It is separate units, allowing you to be able to bolster where needed.

The Central System gives the hips a slight rise to allow a decrease in low back pressure, and the additional wedges can be used to boost the hips up, taking more pressure off if needed.

The Chest Section gives excellent support to the upper back and shoulders. For clients with a larger chest, the cushion allows for sternal support and comfort.

The Wedge Package allows ease of side lying support of leg and knee

This System has many price point options as well. You can start with the basic 3 PC. system, and build it as you go, or as you need.

Pro Maxx Body Cushion



I’m a fan of EarthLite, but I feel they missed the mark on this one.

There is only 1 piece, that cannot be adjusted as needed. The ‘Belly’ area is small and confined. Not every pregnancy follows the ‘Little Front Baby Bump’.

The ‘Cups’ are small, and confined. The other problem with that? Not all women are spaced the same between breasts. The cups are also closed. This can make cleaning, and sterilization a problem, especially if a leak occurs.

Pregnancy Body Cushion for Massage Therapy. Earthlite.

The Budget Options

Not everyone can spend $300 and up on these. At least not yet. So there are options available to you.

You can start by building your own system. It will cost you more in the end, and many of the available options will break down quicker.

Remember these pieces, while covered with a sheet, or towel, will still have to go through wash cycles. that is why you’ll most likely have to replace it.

I recommend that you start with a good wedge first. This is th most crucial, and valuable piece to a system.

Memory Foam Wedge.

What types of ‘support systems’ do you use? 

Have an Awesome Day,


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